Real-time particle monitoring of your cleanrooms

This is a world first for low cost fine particle sensors and we are proud to announce the release of the calibration certificate for their Intelligent Particle Sensors (“IPS”), tested and calibrated to ISO 21501-4, a requirement for particle counters used in many applications where accuracy and precision between instruments is high. We have worked closely with Piera Systems to certify their sensors to ISO 21501-4, which, combined with their very affordable price, makes them an ideal partner for Zaack’s products and services. This is the first time a low-cost sensor has demonstrated that it is calibratable to this stringent standard, which is normally used to calibrate reference quality instruments and monitors. 

ISO 21501-4 and its associated standard, ISO 14644-1, are widely used in applications where tolerance to particle contamination is quite low, including the electronics and semiconductor industries, the pharmaceutical industry and medical environments. These standards establish strict tolerance levels for particle counter performance based on numerous criteria, including particle count accuracy and measurement precision of multiple instruments, as well as calibration procedures and verification methods. 

This unprecedented ability to accurately count particles at an affordable price opens up entirely new and complementary applications in a number of industries, as this performance has previously only been possible with quality reference instruments and monitors that can cost tens of thousands of Euros. Environments that are highly sensitive to particulate pollution, such as a clean room, operating room or any controlled environment, can now deploy our Zaack CR® (CR for CleanRoom) to accurately monitor air quality in real time and drive your ventilation systems. 

“As a provider of Air Quality Monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, we adhere to strict performance standards and expect the same from our technology and product partners,” said Severine MORIAU, R&D Manager at Zaack. Specialized air quality monitoring solutions, such as our Zaack CR® Cleanroom Air Quality Monitor, require extreme attention to detail and are highly regulated.”  

For more information on the ISO standards referenced in this document, please see this article (Piera Systems)
Please contact Piera Systems for a copy of the ISO certificate and accompanying test results. 


ZAACK is the Research & Innovation subsidiary of IGIENAIR group. It was founded in 2017 and offers innovative connected technologies for Indoor Air Quality monitoring

ZAACK started by developing a full range of indoor air quality monitoring systems for commercial and residential spaces and is currently developing a range for special applications such as clean rooms and healthcare facilities

About Zaack
Zaack CR®


Zaack CR® is the only compact plug & play cleanroom monitoring station that can monitor in real-time particulate matter (pcs/m3), temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure. It gives operators real-time access to critical data on the Cloud. Data is automatically sent and stored on the cloud or on the user’s server. Users have the choice of working with raw data or viewing it in graphical smartphone and web applications

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